Yoko the Sphynx Kitten

img_0340 img_0344 img_0339 img_0348
Meet Yoko the Sphynx!  She was born November 30th and meanwhile she has to spend the first 12-14 weeks with her litter, she will be joining our home in March!

Some fun facts about Sphynxes- their body temperature is a few degrees higher than humans and other cats.  For this reason Sphynxes love sitting on heaters and near stoves.  Sphynx cats are hairless.. though as you can see from the photos not quite.. they have a short fuzz on their body.

They are extra adventurous, loving and affectionate… kind of like a dog.. dog cat.. cat dog.. yasssss cannot wait for Yoko to join our home!!

This was from her latest photo session, taken 2/8!

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